Responsible for health and safety

Our brand is a guarantee of quality and reliability

Polfa Lublin is known as one of the largest Polish manufacturers of plastic disposable medical devices. We manufacture, among others, syringes, blood and blood products transfusion devices, as well as other medical equipment.

Our extensive knowledge and experience allowed us to start manufacturing packaging and accessories for the pharmaceutical industry, including products such as syringe dispensers, teaspoons, measuring glasses and various types of caps and bottles.

Operating in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, we feel responsible for the health and safety of patients, medical staff and all those who use our products on a daily basis.

The quality of our products is controlled at every stage of production and distribution, which is guaranteed by our highly qualified and experienced staff. We also provide packaging and sterilisation services and contract manufacturing.

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Meet our Management Board

Jarosław Stępniak

A graduate of the Electrical Engineering Faculty at the Technical University in Łódź and the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University - College of Business University of Illinois. Since 2000, he has held management positions in telecommunication companies such as Elektrim Tv-Tel Kutno, El-Net Bydgoszcz, TPZ Szczecin and El-Net Warszawa. In the period from 2005 to 2012, he was employed as Purchasing Director at Netia SA, and since 2012 he has been Operational Director in Vicar, the developer company. He has been supporting the team of Polfa Lublin SA from February 2014.

Ryszard Szczerba

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, specialization Economics and Organization of Industry. He has extensive experience in sales management and marketing, as well as business deployments of innovative products, gained in media and telecommunication companies such as Aster sp. z o.o., Multimedia Polska SA, Nordisk Polska sp. z o.o.. He joined the team of Polfa Lublin in 2013. The area of responsibility is the sales, marketing and business development.

Dariusz Drozdowski

He graduated from the Faculty of Production Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology and MBA studies. He started his professional venture in the processing of polymers in 1997 in the company FORMAD 2 sp. z o.o. where he soon took the position of Manufacturing Director. In the company Bericap, which is a world leader in the production of plastic closures, he was also Technical and Manufacturing Director. In 2008, he joined Polfa Lublin SA, where he is responsible for the production and implementation of new product lines.

Jarosław Marchewka

A graduate of Bernard Baruch College and the MBA program at the University of Warsaw and the University of Illinois. He has many years of experience in financial management at the corporate level gained while working in telecommunications companies, including Bresnan Communications Group and RST El-Net SA, Netia SA, Cyfrowy Polsat, where he was employed Financial Director. He has executed a number of acquisitions and restructuring projects, including the acquisition of funding, and participated in the introduction of entities to public trading. A wide range of his responsibilities included, among others, the company's liquidity management, controlling, management and stock market.

Company history


Launch of a new PET container for solid forms and new types of closures.


The 75th anniversary of Polfa Lublin.


We are expanding our range of PET bottles and closures.


We have started production of caps for tubes.


We introduced a range of PET bottles with dedicated closures, rebranding - we implemented a new system of visual identification, and the 70th anniversary of the Company and the 70th Anniversary Gala of Polfa Lublin S.A. took place at Lublin Castle.


We started the production of ophthalmic packaging.


We started producing packaging and accessories for the pharmaceutical industry.


New investment — construction of ISO 8 class clean room.


We have completed the privatisation process. Spectra Holding became a new co-owner of Polfa Lublin S.A.


Polfa Lublin was transformed into a joint stock company.


We decided to build a quality management system. Polfa Lublin received the ISO-9001 certificate as the first pharmaceutical plant in the country.


We were established as a result of the official transformation of the state enterprise Lubelskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne "Polfa".


We launched the production of disposable syringes in 2, 5 and 10 ml capacities, followed by 20 ml.


We were the first company in the country to start manufacturing blood and infusion fluid collection and transfusion devices in plastic for single use.


The beginning of the plant's history. Kazimierz Zagórski - a pharmacist from Kraków and the President of the Lublin Pharmacy Chamber Witold Łobarzewski established Wytwórnia Farmaceutyczna Orfa Spółka Komandytowa. The company produced numerous medicines, pharmacy materials and preparations from medicinal herbs, supplying them to pharmacies, first in the area of Lublin and the Lublin Province, and then throughout Poland.